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Medbest Care is a team of people professionally involved in the care of the mother and the newborn – midwives, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists.
Most of us are perfectly familiar with the joys and concerns of motherhood and fatherhood, but other children have become the impulse for action: those whom we helped to come to the world and settle in the first months of life. We enriched our own parental experience with professional practice, knowledge of thousands of different babies and their parents.

Together with medical staff and parents, we would like to verify old theories, look for new solutions and effective ways that best serve the development of children and make life easier for parents. Nowadays: quick changes, overload of information, clashing of various schools and views, and promoting every season of fashionable gadgets, it is not easy to make decisions on how to look after a child, what will be best for him. And not only today, but also in a few or a dozen or so years.


Medbest was established to make life easier, more deliberate and beautiful for both children and parents – starting from day one, the birth. Our goal is to promote knowledge in the field of medicine, developmental psychology and obstetrics, and to market innovative products increasing the comfort and security of mothers and fathers during the first months of their children’s life and helping in their development.

We consider it our task to take care of mothers during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and also to allow fathers to establish strong bonds with their offspring from the first hours of their lives.

We implement the theories of recognised scientific personalities such as Harvey Karp or William and Martha Sears and we promote the official recommendations of WHO with the use of practical solutions – such as swaddle, which allows children to sleep peacefully, or shirts for kangaroo care, which speed up children’s development or health recovery. We want to make the world a better and more friendly place for every child