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Medbest is a team of people specialising in mother and infant care
– midwives, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, dieticians.

We verify old theories, develop new solutions and effective methods
to raise children and make life easier for parents

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    Baby swaddle
    Medbest “NIUNIU”
    for babies aged 3 – 24 months

  • Pajamas for children Medbest “NIUNIU”

  • Delivery and nursing gown Medbest “REA” 3 in 1

  • Nursing gown Medbest “IZZY”

  • Three-layer towel for premature babies and newborns “SOFTIE” by Medbest

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    Baby Nest for Newborn Medbest „NEST”

  • Tied swaddle for infants Medbest “NIUNIU” from 0 to 3 months

  • Otulacz dla dziecka

    Baby swaddle
    Medbest “NIUNIU”
    for babies aged 3 – 24 months

  • Women’s shirt for infant kangaroo care Medbest “ENIA”

  • Wrap for Car Seat/Carrycot 0-12 months

  • Infant Sleeping Bag

  • Autumn-Winter Vest for a Child (4-12 months)


Experts on our products:

dr Marta Balicka,
Medicover Hospital

I have recently started to use the Medbest “NIUNIU” infant swaddle in my work and I am testing its performance. So far so good. In infants with respiratory distress, after placing them in the swaddle their condition improved: the child calmed down, which caused the respiratory problems to go away. The swaddle is comfortable for children and easy to use for caretakers: parents, midwives, nurses and doctors. I think it’s great, especially for parents who are usually a bit unsure of themselves in the first days after their child is born.

Joanna Habura – midwife
“Ksenia” birth school and Family Centre Foundation

I was very pleasantly surprised by Medbest products. I think they are a must for families with small children.
I especially liked the shirt for kangaroo care for both mothers and fathers. Thanks to “skin-to-skin” care which is commonplace all over the world parents build and develop deep connections with their children
Hugging an infant supports its balanced development and reinforces its immune system by parent bacterial colonisation.
This is especially important for parents whose children are born by caesarean delivery. I wholeheartedly recommend solutions which take advantage of the benefits of “skin-to-skin” care every day.

Parenst on our products:

Polecam otulacz Medbest

I recommend the Medbest swaddle

The swaddle was recommended to us by a midwife as the means to ensure the child’s peaceful sleep.
We were astonished by its effectiveness. Thanks to it our son Ksawery sleeps through the whole night, interrupting only for feeding. We use it during the day too. The swaddle prevents waking, face scratching and colic. The protrusions for arms allow for laying the baby on its belly, which is especially important for the correct development of its hips.
Thanks to the swaddle Ksawery feels as if he was back in his mother’s belly, and we are able to sleep as well.
The Medbest product is a great help in the first several (usually difficult) months of a child’s life.

Ewelina i Marek

I am the mother of five-week old Victoria,

who is my first, beloved child. I received the delivery gown from my sister. I use it every day not only for sleeping, but also for breastfeeding. I also have the Medbest “ENIA” shirt for kangaroo care, and I enjoyed using it very much.
Body contact is a great pleasure for both of us.
When Victoria is so close to me, her warm breath and the beat of her little heart provide an incredible feeling.


Polecam otulacz Medbest

I can definitely recommend the Niuniu swaddle to everyone.

I participated in its improvement, but I also tested the first versions on my own child. I am the co-owner of the Medbest Shop and Medbest Shop companies and I have a one year old son, Staś, and an eight year old daughter, Madzia. For many years, I have been working with great midwives from the entire Poland, both professionally and privately. Together we decided to create a team to provide professional care for mothers and infants. One of our first ideas was to perfect the swaddle – several models were already available on the market, but none of them met our requirements. This is how the Niuniu Medbest swaddle was conceived. Starting from the sixth month of his life, Staś has been falling asleep inside it every evening, and sleeping through entire nights. I am happy that we can share our idea with other mothers.

Justyna Morgaś

Polecam otulacz Medbest

I recommend the Medbest swaddle

My name is Kasia, I am 44 years old and I have a 4 week old daughter, Helenka. I am a yoga instructor.
This is my second pregnancy, sixteen years after giving birth to my son. I got the swaddle from my friend, I myself have absolutely zero time for shopping or even looking for stuff in the Internet. This was the first time I saw a romper suit with tied sleeves and I wasn’t sure whether this tying wouldn’t restrict Helenka’s movement or irritate her. At first I tied the sleeves only for short periods, but I immediately noticed the difference in the child’s behaviour; she fell silent faster and slept longer and better. Now I lay her down to sleep only in the swaddle, because I know this is best for her, and I have more time for myself.


Our mission

Medbest was established to make life easier, more deliberate and beautiful for both children and parents – starting from day one, the birth. Our goal is to promote knowledge in the field of medicine, developmental psychology and obstetrics, and to market innovative products increasing the comfort and security of mothers and fathers during the first months of their children’s life and helping in their development. We consider it our task to take care of mothers during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and also to allow fathers to establish strong bonds with their offspring from the first hours of their lives.
We implement the theories of recognised scientific personalities such as Harvey Karp or William and Martha Sears and we promote the official recommendations of WHO with the use of practical solutions – such as swaddle, which allows children to sleep peacefully, or shirts for kangaroo care, which speed up children’s development or health recovery. We want to make the world a better and more friendly place for every child.


Karolina Mossakowska

with team
Medbest Care

Dzień dobry TVN

Our midwives Joanna Kiełbasińska and Karolina Mossakowska,
together with Ksawery and Marianka, presented the advantages of
Medbest “NIUNIU” swaddles in the “Dzień dobry TVN” morning show!
Swaddles in “Dzień dobry TVN”

Otulacze w dzień dobry TVN

Dzień dobry TVN

Our midwives Joanna Kiełbasińska and Monika Jodłowska,
together with Izabela and her daughter, Helenka, as well as Marceli and his son, Maksymilian, presented the benefits of kangaroo care and kangaroo care shirts Medbest “ENIA” and “ENIO”
in the “Dzień dobry TVN” morning show!

Otulacze w dzień dobry TVN