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Joanna Kiełbasińska

My job is my passion. I’ve been a certified nurse for almost 20 years, and a midwife for 12 years. Since 2007 I have been mentoring the young students at the Medical University of Warsaw’s Gynaecology and Obstetrics Didactic Department. While training students in hospital units, I combine teaching with continuing my own education and acquiring new experience. I initiate support groups for women of all ages. I give lectures for future parents and parents of small children. For the last 15 years I have been interested in possible applications of stem cells, and for this reason I work with multiple cord blood banks, training their staff in the scope of infections. I served as a medical consultant for Encyklopedia Zdrowia (Encyclopaedia of health – a biweekly magazine for young parents) for 5 years. I have been cooperating with various medical publishing houses over the years, writing articles for young parents. My greatest hobby is photography, especially children photography.

Monika Jodłowska

I am a midwife and loving it. My job is my passion, my everyday life. I am a lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw. In passing my knowledge onto the next generation of midwives I pay particular attention to the empathy towards patients who are pregnant, in labour or in puerperium. Midwifery is a very demanding field of medicine, combining the knowledge of gynaecology, psychology, dietetics and sociology. I am especially dedicated to nursing mothers. I make sure they feel good about themselves – if the woman sees herself as competent, the needs of the baby are met. Confirmation of the patient’s womanhood is the most important aspect of helping her come to terms with her new role as a mother. Joys of motherhood can be discovered afterwards. I am fuelled by life energy, which I share with young moms. It is hard to be happy as a woman and fulfilled as a mother, but you can get there – I know from my own experience.


Holding the baby against your bare chest, skin to skin - we call it Kangaroo Mother Care, since it involves breastfeeding. Nonetheless, the father is the natural second choice for a Kangaroo Care provider. In certain situations, he becomes indispensable. Close to...

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Specialized baby swaddles were popularized partially by dr. Harvey Karp, paediatrician and author of international bestsellers “The happiest baby on the block” and “The happiest toddler on the block”, as well as the incredibly popular method for calming babies - he...

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The most valuable gift you can give to your child is not money or anything that can be bought with money - clothes, toys, gadgets, strollers, slings or car seats - it is time. Millions of products fight for our money, and millions of activities fight for our attention...

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Certified lactation advisor: great help in times of need

Support during the first phase of breastfeeding - teaching the proper positioning and feeding techniques, monitoring changes in breasts and teaching what to do in case of milk oversupply, as well as debunking associated myths (e.g. related to the nursing mother’s...

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Breastfeeding – milk oversupply

Breastfeeding is a challenge. It is exciting, emotional but also demanding. For me, breastfeeding is a phenomenon, encompassing the state of mind, changes in the way of thinking and habits of the whole family. The woman and her partner have to cope with this new...

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Are there reliable ways to calm a baby?

The question I most often hear from young mothers during post-partum consultations is this: “How to calm the baby down? Are there golden remedies to use when he or she is crying?” The answer seems to be obvious: YES. It should be noted, however, that golden remedies...

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