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I recommend the Medbest swaddle

My name is Kasia, I am 44 years old and I have a 4 week old daughter, Helenka. I am a yoga instructor.
This is my second pregnancy, sixteen years after giving birth to my son. I got the swaddle from my friend, I myself have absolutely zero time for shopping or even looking for stuff in the Internet. This was the first time I saw a romper suit with tied sleeves and I wasn’t sure whether this tying wouldn’t restrict Helenka’s movement or irritate her. At first I tied the sleeves only for short periods, but I immediately noticed the difference in the child’s behaviour; she fell silent faster and slept longer and better. Now I lay her down to sleep only in the swaddle, because I know this is best for her, and I have more time for myself.


The swaddle was recommended to us by a midwife as the means to ensure the child’s peaceful sleep.

We were astonished by its effectiveness. Thanks to it our son Ksawery sleeps through the whole night, interrupting only for feeding. We use it during the day too. The swaddle prevents waking, face scratching and colic. The protrusions for arms allow for laying the baby on its belly, which is especially important for the correct development of its hips.
Thanks to the swaddle Ksawery feels as if he was back in his mother’s belly, and we are able to sleep as well.
The Medbest product is a great help in the first several (usually difficult) months of a child’s life.

Ewelina i Marek

Thank You !

The first contact with the product Niuniu we had when the son was 2.5 months and began to develop from the otulaczy at night, which very awakened him. We wanted his sleep to be calm but also physiological so we decided to try to wrap him in the “bat” Niuniu. And it was a hit! The little man fully accepted Niunia, hugging him during sleep, which further calmed him. Our neurologist did not see any contraindications to such a type of small-child wrapping, also in older age, so we bought more sizes. In this otulacz the son is not restrained at night, he can, for example, sit down or catch a toy, therefore his natural pursuit of activity and proper motor development are preserved, with a beneficial calm of the child. Currently, despite the end of the year, my son still likes to sleep in a “bat” and with the approval of our neurologist (son had some problems with muscle tension and required rehabilitation, now he goes straight) we still put a small in the “best” otulaczu. I would recommend every parent who, in striving for a balance between peaceful sleep and proper development of the child, wants to help the child. The cover is designed so that it does not restrict the child’s movements but “teaches them” to his body, giving the opportunity to calmly explore himself and the surrounding world. In addition, it is very delicate for the skin of the baby, which makes it easier to “make friends” with him for good. Niuniu saved our dream (s) of life.

Katarzyna z Rodziną

I love our NIUNIU

I participated in its improvement, but I also tested the first versions on my own child. I am the co-owner of the Medbest Shop and Medbest Shop companies and I have a one year old son, Staś, and an eight year old daughter, Madzia. For many years, I have been working with great midwives from the entire Poland, both professionally and privately. Together we decided to create a team to provide professional care for mothers and infants. One of our first ideas was to perfect the swaddle – several models were already available on the market, but none of them met our requirements. This is how the Niuniu Medbest swaddle was conceived. Starting from the sixth month of his life, Staś has been falling asleep inside it every evening, and sleeping through entire nights. I am happy that we can share our idea with other mothers.

Justyna Morgaś