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Baby swaddle
Medbest “NIUNIU”
for babies aged 3 – 24 months


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Which baby swaddle to use?
We offer baby swaddles in a wide selection of sizes and colours, always at attractive prices. The size should match the baby’s age. Do not buy a bigger swaddle than the baby needs at this particular moment – it won’t function properly!


sizes: S (3 – 6 months), M (6 -12 months), L (12 – 24 months)




How does the baby swaddle Medbest “NIUNIU” work?

The primary reflex known as the Moro reflex begins to fade away in the 3rd or 4th month of life. After that it occurs sporadically, as a reaction to sudden changes: sounds, light, movement, changing position. Medbest “NIUNIU” baby swaddle makes the baby feel safe, helping it calm down and fall asleep under changing conditions. It has positive influence on the baby’s nervous system and facilitates proper development. While a certain range of movements is left to the baby, allowing him or her to change sleeping positions, the swaddle provides the comfort of an enclosed space. Thanks to its design, the Medbest “NIUNIU” swaddle maintains the baby’s body temperature at a stable level, improving the duration and quality of its sleep.

Benefits of the Medbest “NIUNIU” baby swaddle

• it’s effective – this unique design was created by Polish midwives based on medical knowledge and professional experience (to learn more, see: Advice from Midwives)
• prolongs undisturbed sleep at night
• encourages the baby to take longer naps during the day
• makes the baby feel safe
• helps the baby fall asleep in unknown places, like the nursery
• allows the baby to shift in his or her sleep
• works well during travels – it is possible to fasten the safety seat belt over it
• it shields the baby’s hands from bacteria in an airplane or a shop
• perfect for babies suffering from atopic dermatitis – it prevents them from scratching their faces
• thanks to the double sided zipper you can change your baby’s diaper without removing him or her from the swaddle
• even though his or her arms are covered, the baby may still hold the bottle or reach out for a toy
• it is made in Poland from locally manufactured cotton fabric 100% cotton

Practical guidelines

• select the model that fits your baby’s actual size: an overly loose swaddle won’t function properly
• depending on the temperature you can swaddle the baby fully clothed or wearing only a diaper.

Short-sleeved body made in Poland from 100% certified cotton (OEKO-Tex Standard 100).

Body is part of the White Classic set, which should be part of the first layette of a newborn! The child’s skin will love this unique cotton, which will wrap it like a delicate cloud. Fastened with snaps.