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One size

Benefits of Medbest “REA” delivery and nursing gown:

• it is comfortable in every position, made of soft fabric, tied high above the waist, has no hard elements that could bother you
• it provides protection and intimacy, allowing to discreetly expose any part of your body for medical examination or application of epidural analgesia
• universal size and great design, looks good on every body type
• has deep Velcro fastened pockets, in which you can store your mobile phone, tissues, or other accessories that make you feel confident
• once you unstrap the shoulder straps you will be able to comfortably hold your baby skin-to-skin right after delivery
• it was designed with breastfeeding in mind
• it looks good in pictures – this may seem irrelevant to you now, but you will appreciate it in a year or two when looking at your photos or videos
• it is made in Poland, from locally manufactured fabric – the lining is 100% cotton, and the whole is made of viscose, which is antiseptic, hygienic (highly hygroscopic) and anti-allergic. It is light and breathable. It doesn’t stick to the body and doesn’t exhibit sweat stains. It feels like silk.

Practical guidelines

• We offer two lovely colour options – in case you wanted to buy two and wear them interchangeably • Wash at 30 degrees Celsius, at most at 40 degrees, using washing powder for delicate fabrics, without bleach. Spin gently and hang when still wet. Do not roll, crumple, or stretch. Set your iron for middle temperature.