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Women’s shirt for infant kangaroo care Medbest “ENIA”


Kangaroo care – a method based on placing the baby on the parent’s chest to provide it with skin-to-skin contact. Officially recommended by WHO since 2003. Nowadays it is advisable to provide kangaroo care to all babies, not just those born prematurely.

One size fits all

It strengthens the bond with the baby and facilitates its psychomotor development.
It significantly helps to start breastfeeding and allows to prolong the exclusive breastfeeding period.
Reduces the risk of postpartum depression episodes.
Stabilises the baby’s physiological parameters (body temperature, glucose level, saturation, breath rate).
In case of children born prematurely (past the 28th week of pregnancy), constant kangaroo care eases the pain and reduces the hospital stay (on average by half).
In case of children born through C-section, skin-to-skin contact facilitates the adoption of parental microbiota, which improves the baby’s endurance and reduces the risk of developing allergies later on.

• it helps maintain the baby in a stable, secure position – the baby’s ear touches the adult’s chest at heart level.
• side holes for arms and legs allow the baby to assume a proper physiological position for his or her hip joints
• it increases the parents’ sensitivity to the signals sent by the baby
• it makes it easier to start breastfeeding
• it is comfortable, easy to put on, can be combined with a nursing bra
• one size: a simple design and adjustable ties, can be fitted to any body type
• it allows the mother to assume various positions: she can lay down, sit, even stand or walk (in case of the final two options she needs to support the baby with her arm), and the baby remains in a proper position at all times
• the wearer is free to move, read, work on the PC, watch the TV or do anything else – which matters when kangaroo care is being provided over long periods of time
• it synchronises the body temperatures of the baby and the parent
• it is made in Poland from locally manufactured cotton fabric

Practical guidelines
• Caution!!! A kangaroo shirt is NOT a sling – do not use it to transport the baby • if it’s cold in the room, dress the baby in socks and a cap • the point of kangaroo care is skin-to-skin contact – do not wear the kangaroo shirt over regular clothes; if you’re cold, cover yourself with a blanket • kangaroo care is not limited to the baby’s parents – other relatives and friends may help out

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