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More and more women refuse to let the pregnancy slow them down. They want to look good, work, go out with friends, take weekend trips, even do sports. They prepare for the delivery by applying special diets, attending birthing classes, as well as reading books and online articles. Surprisingly, the issue of clothes in which to give birth is not treated with quite enough attention.
Looking into the market, we will learn that the maternity wear can be divided into:
– one-use fleece gowns, available in most hospitals for 5 PLN,
– large T-shirts, often borrowed from husband or partner,
– cotton canvas buttoned shirts (also borrowed from husband or partner),
– nightgowns for plus-size women with big breasts,
– cotton XXL nightgowns.
What’s the problem with that? Well, everything. You don’t have to give birth wearing something you’d put on to clean the house, only to throw it away or burn down once you were done. Contrary to popular belief, childbirth isn’t a bloody process. Natural body fluids are easily washable with commonly available washing agents. You don’t have to look like your child’s servant from day one.
Clothes designed for larger ladies – sizes 44 or 46 – will not fit an expectant mother well. The designated figures are completely different. A shirt that is simply big will not fit well under the breasts. It will be too baggy or come up at the front. Simply put, it will not look good on a pregnant woman.
Knitted cotton won’t work either. While it does stretch nicely and easily accommodates the biggest of stomachs, it is sure to roll up when labour begins. The wearer will end up with an exposed belly button and rolls of cloth under her armpits. Not the most desirable effect…
So, what is it that we should be going for? A shirt that isn’t a one-use purchase – low price signals low quality. A shirt that can be worn in the final stages of pregnancy, during labour, or from labour onwards, also fit for night-time nursing. It needs removable shoulder straps and adjustable top to accommodate a nursing bra. It’s good if it can be adjusted to your changing body shape, for example by means of tying – it will serve you longer. It’s also good if it’s suitable for the hospital – non-transparent, so you could walk the corridors without an additional robe. It’s even better if it has pockets in which to store your mobile phone or other accessories. Ah yes, pockets are important!
No doubt, a shirt in which to give birth and nurse a baby must be designed for this very purpose. Expectant mother needs to feel good in it. More than that, she needs to feel happy, attractive, confident. Giving birth is an important event, and one associated with at least some anxiety. If your looks work in your favour, it’s like a lucky charm. Something to facilitate a smooth delivery and a happy ending. Or should I say: a happy beginning.